Friend of the Livermore Library is a non-profit organization located in Livermore, California. They asked me to create their online presence. The main objective was to increase awareness and community involvement, engage the users with the information about the activities, provide membership information and calendar of the events. They also needed to be able to update the site on a regular basis. The solution was a website powered by WordPress. It made the site fully and easily updatable. Features like "Book Lovers Blog", dynamic Flickr photo gallery and calendar were incorporated to keep the audience engaged and involved with the organization online. The challenge was to organize the large amount of content in a way that will bring the immediate user attention to the main categories. With clean simple design, it is easy to guide the user to the main areas of the site. The watercolor illustrations emphasize the creative side of the organization, books and lifestyle of Livermore,. It was an interesting project to work on, the client and I were very excited to accomplish the main goals, and the site is very easy to navigate, update and get engaged in the life of Friends of the Livermore Library!

Technology used:

Photoshop | WordPress | CSS | PHP | jQuery | Flash | Traditional Illustration