Clear View Books by Chris Losey


Chris Losey is a writer and a pastor with a very active schedule. He has a large body of material. Traveling and meeting new people on a regular basis, he wanted to use modern technology to share his writings with a wider audience. He also wanted to be able to update the website himself. I started to look for ways to create a website with well-organized content, user-friendly navigation, visually stimulating and engaging. The challenge was to organize the content in specific categories which would be easily located on the website. It was achieved through the information presented in a visual way in the article section. The logo and identity were created based on the client’s preferences of pleasant tones of earth, sky, nature and gold. A lot of photography, some of it made by me, and some from the client were incorporated into the website to add a personal touch. The website, powered by WordPress, has a blog to keep the users engaged, search function, and all the articles are connected to the popular social networks.

Technology used:

Photoshop | WordPress | CSS | PHP | jQuery | Photography | Illustrator