San Francisco Explore


San Francisco Explore is an interactive project, which showcases the beautiful city of San Francisco through animated illustrations. I have been lucky to live in San Francisco for a few years, and it inspired me to create this visual impression
of the city. San Francisco is so compact that it was a real challenge to place all the elements on the map. My solution was
to create a heart-shaped map of the city, where drawings of landmarks would be located approximately at the same areas
as on a real map. The site also features photos dynamically linked from the photo sharing website Flickr. The objective was to visually stimulate the visitors to learn more about the city through the animation, showcase the various attractions and diversity through the eyes and lenses of the visitors, and encourage users to visit the city. This interactive project was created using a wide range of mediums. I drew over fifty illustrations, cut them out of paper, digitized and animated them in Flash. The specific areas were linked to the pages where the corresponding photos from Flickr were loaded dynamically using the Flickr API and JavaScript.

Technology used:

Photoshop | Traditional drawings | CSS | jQuery | Flash (AS3.0) | Photography